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How To Dance Ballet

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Avie’ is 13 years old,and has been studying dance for 6 years. She dances with a company under the initials of ABT,she rather not state the full name to protect herself. She currently studies Ballet, Pointe, Jazz, Tap, Musical Theatre, Modern, and Lyrical. She was recently Student of The Week in her local newspaper.

Other hobbies she enjoys doing outside of dance include Acting and helping at animal shelters. “I just love animals. They are so sweet,and are a joy to be with,”s ays Avie’. Her first love and priority is dance though. She dances 6-7 days a week,for nearly 35 hours each week. She is on staff where she dances as a pre-ballet assistant/Children Classes substitute teacher. She loves working with children. “I just love it when I see a child get something that they haven’t understood for a while. It always just brings the biggest smile to my face.” Avie’ is planning on studying dance at a University,then moving on to a career in dance. “I really want to dance for the rest of my life. Once I am no longer to be able to dance professionally,I will still be dancing,either teaching or something in the dance field,but I woln’t ever leave it. It is my life.”

  • Nancy

    are you really dancing with ABT? or are you just taking classes there?

  • Zoe

    I am guessing that it is Avie’s initials that are ABT, not the company name. If she is 13 it is not likely she is dancing with ABT.

    Nice photo Avie’!

  • Avie’

    It isn’t American Ballet Theatre, it is a different company with the same initials. But I will be dancing with the Rock school :). I didn’t audition for ABT because I don’t really want to go to their school. I think I may go to the Rock year round. And… I’m 14 now :). And will be 15 soon! Thanks for the picture comment.. It’s from 6th grade graduation!! I’m in 9th now!! Wow!! I should like… get a new picture :).